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Fur Times | December 15, 2019

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Teaching Your Child to Respect Your Dog

Teaching Your Child to Respect Your Dog

If you have dogs and kids at home, you should take into account a number of considerations for the safety of both your children and your family pet.

Children often treat dogs like a toy. This can lead to consequences that can be harmful to both your child and your dog.

Many interactions with children and dogs involve children putting their fingers in the dog’s face or eyes, climbing up on the dog like a horse, pulling the tail, ears or hair of the dog. These actions viewed as games are not only disrespectful but also potentially dangerous. A dog is not a toy, but rather a living being with feelings, emotions and temperament. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to educate their children to respect a dog as another family member.

We must educate children to love, care and respect dogs and all other animals.

Important Rule

Never leave your child alone with your dog, not even for a minute or in a room next door. There should always be an adult present, supervising child-dog interactions.


Make sure your child always washes her hands after playing with your dog. This is extremely important with small children who tend to put their fingers in their mouths.

Respect and education

A good way to promote coexistence is to involve your child in your dog’s daily activities: walking, mealtime, potty breaks, etc. In this way, the two will get used to being together and your child can learn to care for and enjoy your pet in a respectful way.


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