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Fur Times | January 17, 2020

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Boston Terrier

March 20, 2016 |

Breed of dog developed in the late 19th century in Boston. Bred from the English bulldog and a white English Terrier, the Boston terrier is one of the few breeds to have originated in the U.S. Read More


March 20, 2016 |

Breed of small hound, popular as both a pet and a hunter. It looks like a small foxhound, with large brown eyes, hanging ears, and a short coat that is usually a combination of black, tan, and white. Beagles are solidly built and heavy for their height. Read More

Are All White Cats Deaf?

March 20, 2016 |

Genetic deafness is a defect that, when present, is linked to the “W” gene, found in white cats. It is a myth that deafness is related to blue eyes. However, the gene related to deafness is directly linked to white hair. That’s why we can find deaf white cats with blue, green, yellow eyes. Read More

Are Pet Vaccinations Needed Yearly?

March 20, 2016 |

If you have been following the standard guidelines for pet vaccinations you have probably been submitting your cat or dog to a painful shot as well as the anxiety of a visit to the vet every year in an effort … Read More


March 20, 2016 |

Peninsula that forms a historical and governmental region, northwestern France. Known in ancient times as Armorica, it comprised the coastal area between the Seine and Loire rivers. Inhabited by Celts, it was conquered by Julius Caesar and organized as a Roman province. Read More

Holiday Safety for Pets

March 20, 2016 |

The holiday season—or, what we consider late October through early January—is once more upon us. But before you break out the candy, turkey, champagne, or whatever else you have the tendency to overindulge in, keep in mind this season can hold some danger for your pets. Read More

Teaching Your Child to Respect Your Dog

March 20, 2016 |

If you have dogs and kids at home, you should take into account a number of considerations for the safety of both your children and your family pet. Read More

What is Leaky Bowel Syndrome? (Part 2- Treatment)

March 20, 2016 |

Next, I’d like to explain how I approach Leaky Bowel Syndrome when treating patients. The first aspect of improving an animal’s intestinal environment involves making dietary changes. Every pet has a different level of reactivity to food borne allergens, so finding out your pet’s specific food allergies may require some watchful experimentation. Read More