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Fur Times | January 18, 2020

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Keeping Your Dog’s Fur Healthy

Keeping Your Dog’s Fur Healthy

A dog’s hair is a clear indicator of her state of health. It is very important to brush your dog’s hair regularly to avoid it from getting matted and also to detect any abnormalities in her fur or skin.


Here are some tips on how to keep your pup’s fur healthy and shiny.

Long-haired Dogs

  • These dogs require extra care due to their hair length. Long-haired dogs are the most susceptible to matting and tangles, so it is very important to comb and brush their fur several times per week. Some breeds may even require daily brushing.
  • Be sure to brush behind the ears, behind the back legs and on the inside of the front and back legs, as these areas tend to get the most matted.
  • Be sure to use proper de-matting tools if mats have formed. Never wet a dog that has mats, as this is very painful for them. If you find it too difficult to de-matt your dog, take him to an experienced groomer.
  • It is always a good idea to have your dog groomed regularly. Talk with your groomer about the best cut for your dog to fit your lifestyle needs. If you can’t dedicate a lot of time to brushing your dog each day, it might be a good idea to keep his fur short.

Short-haired Dogs

  • Short-haired dogs require much less care than long-haired breeds. However, it is still very important to regularly groom your short-haired pup.
  • A brushing mitt is a very comfortable tool to use for daily brushing. This way you can remove any debris, dead skin and fallen hair. Brushing your dog will also help with healthy circulation.

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