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Fur Times | July 18, 2019

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My Dog Ignores Me

My Dog Ignores Me

When people claim that their dog does not listen to them, they usually mean that their dog knows what they want, but chooses not to do it.



How to know if your dog is ignoring you

The answer depends a lot on your dog’s body language. If they are showing signs of fear when you are giving the commands, for example, a submissive posture, avoiding eye contact, ears back, tail between legs, etc., then chances are they did not understand and are under stress.

In these cases, owners can make things worse if they try to force their dog into obeying them. Conversely, if your dog takes a position of trust, and does not seem scared, then they are more likely choosing not to listen. They may even have a defiant attitude – making direct eye contact, even bark at you, and run when you approach or they may simply be focused on something else.

This suggests a lack of training. You should take active steps to establish yourself as your dog’s leader. A proper obedience training program can be very beneficial.

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