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Fur Times | June 18, 2019

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Taking Your Dog to the Park

Taking Your Dog to the Park

One of our responsibilities as pet owners, is taking our dogs out for wake at least three times a day. This is not only for your dog to do his business, but also to perform daily physical activity, strengthen his legs and strengthen his social skills.

It is important to take your dog to the park from the time he is a puppy. This way he will be desensitized to the different smells and noises at the park. He will also get plenty of exercise this way.

Always check the rules of each park before entering. If your dog is able to roam off-leash, take a frisbee or ball with you to play fetch. This is a sure way to tire your dog out without leaving you exhausted. If your dog is not able to be off leash, try taking a retractable leash with you, so he can at least roam at a distance.

When taking your dog to a dog park, be sure to practice some basic obedience commands such as sit, and come, so that you can successfully get your pup’s attention once he is in the park with other dogs. Always observe your dog and make sure to periodically break up his play with other dogs especially if it is getting too intense.

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