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Fur Times | August 18, 2019

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Tips When Adopting a Dog

Tips When Adopting a Dog

In animal protection centers there are all kinds of dogs- from puppies to senior dogs. Each has their own history, but all of them equally need TLC.

Some dogs are abandoned because their owners got tired of them, got divorced, moved to another place, got sick or died. Others were abused, neglected or chained up for long periods of time. But the vast majority of dropouts have a common denominator: their previous owners had not thought seriously about the responsibility that comes with owning a dog.

Most dogs that are in animal shelters can be successfully trained. Especially if the new owner has experience or is willing to devote time and patience to the new family member. Always inform the staff at the shelter what kind of dog you want to have and the kind of lifestyle you have.

Puppy or adult? Have you had dogs before? Do you live in an apartment or townhouse? Are there children or elders in the family? Are you going to live with some other animal? How long do you have to train the pup for? What are his exercise and grooming requirements? Ideally, visit the dog chosen in the adoption center and take it for a little walk to get used to him and see how you feel.

If everyone thought about these things before adopting, adoption would be more happy and less miserable for dogs.

Right attitudes for adopting a dog:

  • Decide in advance, if you want a puppy, a young dog, an adult or an older dog. Weigh the pros and cons of adopting a dog in each of these ages. Most people are reluctant to adopt adult dogs, when in fact their adaptation period is usually less than in the case of puppies.
  • Are you always busy? So best not to choose a dog that needs daily brushing.
  • Are you a sportsman and like to walk everyday? Then choose a dog that needs a lot of exercise.
  • Do you have children? Be sure to choose a dog that does well with children.
  • Do you have other animals? Consider the possibilities of coexistence between them before adopting a new animal. If possible, try to introduce them to gauge their reactions.
  • Take your time. A hasty election will hurt you and the dog. All animal adoption centers will be happy to give advise and answer any questions you have before you make the final decision.
  • Find out all you can about the past life of the dog and its temperament. Take him out for a short ride and see how he behaves.
  • Once adopted, the first thing you should do is take the dog to the veterinarian for a check-up.

Wrong Attitudes for adopting a dog:

  • Do not pick a dog from a shelter or a kennel just because it is cheaper. A dog from a shelter or a kennel will need the same attention and entail the same charges as a dog purchased.
  • Do not rush. Think of your commitment as a long-term commitment. Some dogs can live up to 15 years or more.
  • Do not choose the dog by looks alone. His behavior is much more important than outer beauty.
  • Do not overwhelm your new dog with cuddles and caresses, no matter how lovely he is. Note that he can feel harassed if you do. Give him time and space to get used to his new home.
  • There are many things you need to consider before adopting a dog. But if you ponder well, and get a dog suited to your lifestyle, you will have invested in an incredibly amazing companionship.

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