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Fur Times | February 19, 2020

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Treats for Dogs

Treats for Dogs

In Germany, there is a bakery that sells only dog biscuits and cakes. It is a bakery dedicated solely to satisfying a dog’s “sweet tooth”. Janine Saraniti, dog bakery owner, said: “My cakes are special, because I bake for dogs. Dogs can come and try the cookies and choose their favorite. “


Every dog who enters can enjoy a free tasting of the cakes and muffins. Flavors include turkey, beef fish or chicken.

These cakes are not only intended to satisfy cravings, but they also have great benefits.

We also make mint cookies. Mint and parsley are good for fighting bad breath, claims Saraniti.

“People can eat them too. Sometimes customers try them first and decide if the flavor is good to buy for their dogs. We use whole wheat products without preservatives or artificial coloring.”

The idea to create this unique bakery in Germany, came when Saraniti, saw one in the United States. Nothing like this existed in Germany, and there was definitely a high demand for it.

Owners can even make special orders such as customized birthday cakes for their dogs.

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